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Be You. Celebrate You. Discover You. Because you are special and unlike anyone else. And let our fashion help you express your individuality with distinctive, limited-edition pieces crafted especially for you.

Welcome to a World of Fashion That Celebrates You !!

  • Hand Embroidered Night Jasmine Saree

    It reminds you of a garden back home. A cosy backyard strewn
    with the little gems. Forming a carpet where you would dread to
    step for the fear of hurting the beauties. So why not wrap them
    like a happy memory around you?
    This night Jasmine strewn saree is a perfect saree for any special occasion

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  • Hand Embroidered Warli Saree

    We all enjoy a good painting. Now imagine the painting embroidered on your sari. Such is the charm of this off white coloured cotton saree with the evergreen charm of Warli painting, hand embroidered by our artisans. Daily life scenes wrap around your body and can make your day magical.

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  • Hand painted Silk Georgette Saree

    We know of water that takes shape of any vessel once poured in. But what else behave the same? A good quality georgette! It wraps and accentuates all that is worth the attention. On top when there pretty flowers to seek all the detailed gaze.  This sheer number is bound to wow you like a summer breeze and take you straight into a fairyland of intimacy and snug. Time you experience it

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  • Brass Earring with Original CZ Stone

    Let the fish swim along with the creative current. Hand-crafted and intricately designed to perfection with stone work all over. Undoubtedly a lot of effort. Wear this handpicked jewelry that is making a subtle statement on your behalf. 

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  • Iolite Stone Neckpiece with Silver Floral Designs

    Handcrafted and intricately designed to perfection. Undoubtedly a lot of effort. Wear this handpicked jewellery that is making a subtle statement on your behalf

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  • Brass Jewelery Bangle with Amethyst and Quartz

    As pure as love. That’s what this special collection is all about! Let your life shine as bright as our beautifully handcrafted brass and stone jewellery. 

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