Our Story

DERAJ is an emotion. It’s a revolution in the midst of this chaos of familiarity. Even in its journey of evolution and possibilities, DERAJ never lost its essence of being "rooted" and "hand made with care!"
With the strong belief of bringing the best in "handmade" to its patrons, DERAJ Designs are created with not only utmost love, but by the two most powerful tools ever, our hands!
Thus, DERAJ is a treasure trove of weaves and jewellery, handcrafted with love. Our “mool mantra” is “exclusivity for all.” Stemming from the firm belief that “every individual is unique,” exclusivity is intrinsic to DERAJ. While we can’t put a price tag on your “uniqueness,” we can totally help you in indulging in your uniqueness.😊
With the above sentiment in mind, DERAJ proudly boasts of BAAROHAATH AND BAHARI, the two arms of ours, celebrating and paying homage to your uniqueness, to the MASTERJI collection, through our products, by creating unique and BESPOKE designs of sarees, jewellery, bags and many such products, that you can uniquely identify with your own personality.
At DERAJ, patron delight comes first. With stringent quality checks, each product piece is checked thoroughly for any production defects, before they hit our shelves! The joy every patron experience when they enjoy their DERAJ purchase, is an unparalleled happiness for us.
With our heart in the right place, we not only believe in “originality and quality,” we also thrive on the “joy of giving” back to the very people, the weavers and artisans, who make DERAJ what it is.
Women empowerment and inclusivity is also something what we firmly believe in. Making these real-life Wonder Women, our workers, who is our backbone, self-reliant, is a cherished dream of ours. Every sale that we make, a percentage of it goes back in realizing that dream.
Come, be a part of this exceptional journey with DERAJ, envisioning an equal and abundant world.