Deraj Pay It Forward

Deraj was always reliant on the goodwill of its clients to promote itself because it was a bootstrapped business.

Our customers also never let us down. Every time we released a new collection, our customers took it upon themselves to spread the word about our designs and craftsmanship. And gradually, we expanded.

And then the second wave showed up as we were attempting to fly. We were almost there, but we had sick coworkers and India was dealing with a catastrophe never previously witnessed. In order to respect everyone, we have made it a policy not to upload any posts of any things.

It was challenging being a start-up and a small brand. Given that we were financially strapped when we reopened in August, we encouraged many of our fans to spread the word about us. Customers not only spread the word about us but also offered to contribute money. That is how thoughtful each customer has been to us.

In December 2021, when we wanted to send a thank you letter to our patrons, we asked Deraj team what was the Deraj ethos they wanted to convey and the unanimous response was that Deraj must be kind And at that point, we felt it was time to return the favor that each of you had shown us.

Therefore, we made the decision to pay it forward and provide information on three home-based business owners whose goods we felt merited a reach but who lacked even our minimum reach. We selected three home-based female business owners who were unable to afford advertising (And as a start-up, we know the need for it)

The first was a pickle maker who operated out of her home and began manufacturing pickles to support her family through some difficult times. The second was a home-based skin care product maker whose customers raved about her goods, and the third was a condiment company that was having trouble after Covid.

We don't know if we were able to assist them, but we hope that our little act will one day spark a massive "Deraj Pay It Forward" movement because generosity can never be paid back.

Deraj has promised to carry out this action each year. Email us at if you think your business merits a shout-out; we'd be pleased to take a look.

On that point, always remember to return kindness when you receive it.